How to Play Dragon Link Slot Machine
How to Play Dragon Link Slot Machine

How to Play Dragon Link Slot Machine

The Dragon Link video slot series is inspired by Lightning Link with an Asian theme. Each game offers an exciting Hold & Spin bonus round which may grant instant credits or jackpot payouts.

Filling all 15 spaces on a Dragon Link screen with jackpot symbols results in a jackpot payout – this progressive prize keeps on growing!


The Dragon Link Slot Machine Series is an exceptional collection of four games with distinct themes for each. There is something uplifting (Silk Road and Golden Gong), others focus on legendary warlords (Peace & Long Life Genghis Khan) or just celebrate Chinese New Year (Golden Century). While all four share a common math model they each offer their own distinct playing experience.

One of the signature elements in this series is a Hold and Spin bonus that rewards players with free spins and jackpots when six or more coins appear on reels, revealing non-blank symbols or coins but no scatters or wilds; depending on which type of jackpot coin appears they could receive either fixed or progressive jackpot prizes.

Though winning is the ultimate goal of gambling, players should always practice responsible gaming practices. This means betting responsibly by engaging in moderate wagers that do not exceed your bankroll capacity and following high-roller habits such as high-stakes bets.


Developing an online dragon link slot game platform requires knowing your market. Understanding who your players are and their requirements will allow you to set yourself apart from competitors while remaining up-to-date on current trends and languages is also essential.

Dragon CashLink games provide a variety of bonuses and jackpot payouts, such as Fixed-Amount Mini and Minor jackpots as well as wide-area progressive jackpots. If you manage to fill all 15 spaces on the paytable with golden symbols, a king’s ransom in prizes awaits. However, this feat is rare so winning requires patience and smart play; for example always betting max and knowing your limits. Speed-tapping or changing denoms won’t increase your odds of hitting Grand jackpot – focus instead on playing smart and maximising potential.

Bonus rounds

The Dragon Link series brings many of the same concepts found in Lightning Link and applies them to Asian-themed games, incorporating features like Hold and Spin to increase chances of a winning combination, multiple wilds with multipliers that multiply wins up to 16x for one wild in a line, etc.

These games feature wide area progressive jackpots, meaning a percentage of every real money bet contributes to the prize pool of a progressive jackpot prize pool. You’ll find these games at most Aristocrat land-based casinos; though some may not be displayed prominently depending on gambling regulations in your location.

While jackpot wins on slot machines are certainly possible, the chances are low. Patience and smart playing strategies are key to increasing your odds of success; be sure to set limits and manage your bankroll accordingly.


Gambling comes with various rules and regulations, some specific to casinos while others more universal. But no matter the game you play or regulations in place, all slot machine players should keep some things in mind before starting up a session of slot machine betting.

Along with properly managing your bankroll, it is also crucial that you understand how a game works before wagering real money on it. Understanding its rules will help prevent costly errors from costing you big-time cash. Finally, playing responsibly and keeping these tips in mind can increase the enjoyment of gameplay as well as increase winnings!