Is Online Gambling Legal in Washington?
Is Online Gambling Legal in Washington?

Is Online Gambling Legal in Washington?

Washington state law considers providing online gambling platforms a class C felony, though there have been multiple proposals to overturn this decision, but none of these initiatives has achieved widespread support. Residents can enjoy housebanked card games and horse races.

Safe online casinos should adhere to a standard practice that players should look out for. They should accept various banking methods and pay winning players quickly.


Washington remains one of the few states with a prohibition against online gambling; however, other forms of gambling such as land casinos, charitable gambling, lottery games and sports betting exist within its borders. Furthermore, several house-banked card rooms that operate alongside traditional casinos offer both blackjack and poker services to residents in this state.

Players who opt to gamble at these websites will typically discover an extensive selection of casino games from renowned developers such as Playtech and Real Time Gaming, along with live dealer tables for many casino titles.

Sports betting is legal in Washington but only at tribal casinos licensed by the state government. While the state has yet to open up other forms of online gambling, sports wagering will likely remain popular over time. Click any red icon for a detailed list of casinos near that location; or drag the map around to view different areas.


The Washington State Gambling Commission (WSGC) regulates casino gaming in Washington State. They license and regulate poker sites as well as collaborate with tribal gambling agencies in monitoring this industry. Furthermore, WSGC works alongside federal, local, and international law enforcement to enforce gambling regulations.

Online casinos typically provide various bonuses to attract and keep their existing players. Some include free spins on slot machines and roulette wheels. Others come with loyalty or VIP programs that give frequent players special perks such as cashback, birthday gifts and personal assistants.

All online gamblers are required by law to report winnings to the IRS and must keep track of losses and wagering activity to avoid becoming problem gamblers. Most casinos provide safeguards such as Reality Checks or self-exclusion programs to assist players who wish to stop gambling for good; those looking for real money gambling should only ever access casinos licensed by WSGC.

Charitable gambling

Washington state law permits charitable organizations to conduct gambling games as fundraising events, including bingo, raffles, pull-tabs and punch boards. There are some restrictions in place; such as professional gamblers not being permitted to run the games and needing adult supervision for them. Furthermore, audits and regular inspections of winning and loss records must take place and records kept must also be accessible for official inspection.

Washington state closely oversees gambling activities through the Washington State Gambling Commission and Tribal Gaming Unit, while online gambling remains illegal in Evergreen State. Although Washington may eventually legalize sports betting market, they remain reluctant to do so themselves due to fear that other states might follow their lead and legalize sports betting market in future – something other states might do, which might push Washington State towards changing their stance on this issue. Meanwhile, WA gambling sites have taken note of this trend by offering free poker chips to players.

Sports betting

Washington State currently prohibits sports betting outside of tribal casinos; however, they are keeping an eye on how other states respond before permitting non-tribal entities to offer this form of gambling. They will likely also remain cautious with regards to online betting.

Some offshore operators advertise their services as legal in Washington, but this can be misleading. These sites do not fall under the purview of Washington gambling commission, operating outside US law and not being required to comply with similar data protection regulations as US licensed operators would.

Players can access an extensive variety of casino games online, from traditional table games such as blackjack and poker to popular virtual casino titles like keno and sic bo. Some of the top sites use top providers such as Playtech and Real Time Gaming; many also provide bonuses to attract new customers while maintaining relationships with existing ones, like offering free poker chips as incentives to attract potential customers and retain existing ones.