Why is the National Anthem Played at Sporting Events?
Why is the National Anthem Played at Sporting Events?

Why is the National Anthem Played at Sporting Events?

why is the national anthem played at sporting events

The national anthem is performed at thousands of sporting events each year, from high school soccer matches to college basketball tournaments and Super Bowl 50. While its performance remains a staple among some fans, others have chosen to express their right to freedom of speech by refusing to stand during its playing. But despite any controversy that may ensue from its playing, it is essential that we remember the original purpose of sports: uniting Americans during times of war, celebration or tragedy — something the national anthem served America well by providing unification in times of turmoil or loss; something it did its performance can do the same for America today!

Francis Scott Key’s poem first inspired its current form back in September 1814 when he witnessed Fort McHenry being bombarded during the War of 1812. Key wrote this work to the tune of an old popular song known as “To Anacreon in Heaven,” becoming popular at various military ceremonies, Independence Day festivities and patriotic occasions such as military celebrations or Independence Day festivities. Following World War II it has also become part of sporting events bringing renewed patriotism among fans as they rally behind their favorite team!

DeRozan and other NBA players chose not to stand for the national anthem because they wanted to show respect for fellow Americans serving overseas wars.

However, this practice carries with it an element of injustice. With America more divided than ever before during a pandemic and needing to focus more on unity and compassion than ever before, perhaps now would be an opportune time to retire the national anthem from sporting events entirely.

Although many love the tradition of singing at sporting events, its use has unfortunately taken on more of a disruptive nature in recent years. It’s unfortunate that so much goodwill was misguidedly misdirected towards such distractions instead of celebrating sport in its true spirit.

Hopefully, this global pandemic can act as the impetus for change. Though the anthem will eventually return, forcing it on attendees of sporting events does more harm than good. Mandatory patriotism does more damage than good.

Instead, let’s focus on the true purpose of sports and allow athletes to use their platform to promote change in politics – as that is their true purpose, rather than trying to please “patriotism police”. Unfortunately, political leaders and public perception have too much of an effect on sports. By eliminating anthems from sporting events altogether, everyone can return to what sports is truly all about: camaraderie and enjoyment.