Why Did They Retire the Hot Lotto Lottery Game?
Why Did They Retire the Hot Lotto Lottery Game?

Why Did They Retire the Hot Lotto Lottery Game?

Hot Lotto was a multi-state lottery game launched on April 7, 2002 by the Iowa-based Multi-State Lottery Association and popularly known for Powerball. Hot Lotto’s primary objective was to give smaller lotteries access to middle-sized jackpots more commonly seen in larger states, and was relatively simple for players as its five numbers ranged from 1-47 and 19 for its Hot Ball option; additionally, players could opt-in for an additional Sizzler option that allowed them to boost non-jackpot winnings by upping non-jackpot winnings by another 3x per play – ideal for smaller lotteries that didn’t offer Powerball games as often.

Eddie Tipton of the Multi-State Lottery Association was arrested and pleaded guilty in 2010 for orchestrating one of the largest lottery rigging scandals ever discovered in America, using computer tampering to alter lottery selection algorithms in 17 states, including Iowa Lottery. Rob Sand, prosecuting attorney in this case and author of The Winning Ticket: Uncovering America’s Biggest Lottery Scam joins A&E True Crime to explain how this scheme worked.

Tipton’s conviction was the result of an unlikely series of events. Six weeks prior to the December 29, 2010 Hot Lotto drawing, he gained access to the computer room where lottery draws are conducted by inserting a thumb drive containing clandestine software he had written known as a rootkit into one of two computers used to select winners and inserting this hidden device. By restricting his pool of possible winning numbers with this rootkit on his thumb drive – which had been hidden on an ordinary thumb drive – he gained entry.

Tipton was ultimately found guilty after five hours of jury deliberations, even though his claim of simply hacking the system to try out new coding ideas fell flat with them and Sand and his colleagues on the jury. They found him guilty of interfering with lottery systems.

Following the conclusion of Hot Lotto, the Multi-State Lottery Association introduced Lotto America as its successor game in November 2017. While these games may appear similar in terms of how players select five regular numbers and one Hot Ball number, each offer distinct gameplay experiences.

Lotto America members residing outside New Hampshire have up to one year from winning a jackpot prize (or non-jackpot prize) before they must claim them, although these periods vary according to state.

While Hot Lotto may have come to a close, many players remain determined to increase their odds of winning. Some have turned to “hot and cold” lists as a strategy which purports to increase chances of striking it rich. Unfortunately, such lists lack scientific backing and often result in players feeling comfortable or confident when making selections; nonetheless many continue using such lists due to psychological comfort; this article discusses why they should abandon such superstitions in favor of proven strategies tested and approved by experts in their field.