What States Allow Online Casino Games?
What States Allow Online Casino Games?

What States Allow Online Casino Games?

what states allow online gambling

Online gambling is an expanding industry in the U.S., with more states opting to regulate and permit various forms of Internet wagering each year. Still, a few states remain closed off from online casino play entirely while others impose strict regulations or bans – making it increasingly essential that high risk merchants keep abreast of state-by-state regulations concerning casino play.

The following states currently permit online casino games:

New Jersey was among the first states to legalize online gambling following U.S. Supreme Court’s lifting of federal ban in 2018. They quickly opened sportsbooks and their online casino in 2021 – quickly becoming a hub for gambling across North America. Pennsylvania followed suit six months later by offering sports betting at several of its casinos as well as creating their own iGaming market; Rhode Island followed suit shortly afterwards by legalizing sports and casino play in their newly legalized iGaming market

Montana does not permit online gaming, though residents of its physical casinos may visit. Montana’s position will likely not change any time soon. Idaho boasts seven tribal casinos for players to wager at; however, online casino play remains illegal there. Wyoming follows in this vein by not permitting any form of gaming online but allows player prop bets on college games.

California, which boasts the most populous state population in America, has yet to legalize online gambling. An attempt at legalization failed early 2022 and changes aren’t anticipated in its gaming guidelines any time soon. Texas however has shown signs of opening its eyes up to potential benefits of sports betting regulation for future growth and has made strides towards legalizing sports gambling as an industry.

Arkansas recently legalized sports wagering, yet online casino was left out of that bill. Still, physical casinos exist throughout Arkansas and it will be interesting to see whether lawmakers push for regulation at some point in the future. Meanwhile, residents can turn to Pulsz social casinos for risk-free casino play online casino gaming.

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