What Texas Lottery Game is Tonight?
What Texas Lottery Game is Tonight?

What Texas Lottery Game is Tonight?

what texas lottery game is tonight

Texas is known for big things, from delicious barbecue and cowboy hats to lottery jackpot prizes won in Lotto Texas and Texas Two Step. Understanding your odds can increase your chances of success; odds can be calculated using formulae developed specifically for lottery mathematics; the lower your odds are, the better your chances are at winning!

Higher prize categories typically have lower odds, while smaller prize categories tend to have greater ones. You can easily identify each prize category’s odds by looking at its respective prize amount on a game’s playslip. It’s important to keep in mind that jackpot prizes are affected by ticket sales volumes: more tickets sold equals larger (and faster-growing) prize pools!

To play the Texas Lottery, tickets may be purchased from any authorized retailer within Texas. There are also many scratch-off games offering prizes of up to $25,000! All Lottery proceeds go toward education and veterans programs.

Overall, your odds of winning any Texas Lottery prize with Extra! are approximately one in 7.9. This includes your chances of snaring the free ticket prize which are one in 7.2; however, these don’t account for winning top prizes or rollovers that might occur.

Lotto Texas allows players to pay $1 per line and select six numbers between 1 and 54 from 1 through 54. If all six numbers match up with those drawn in any drawing – typically taking place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings – you win! Drawings take place three times each week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

Lotto Texas provides more than just exciting chances of winning; it’s also an effective way to support education throughout Texas. Since 1992, Lotto Texas has contributed over $43 billion to the Foundation School Fund – helping support a variety of educational and veterans’ programs across Texas.