What Is Technical SEO?
What Is Technical SEO?

What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to optimizing your website infrastructure so that search engines can crawl, understand and index its pages without issue. It differs from on-page or off-page SEO in that its focus lies more with optimizing content for higher rankings on search engine results; however, both practices need to work hand-in-hand for an optimized website experience.

Technical SEO (technical search engine optimization) involves improving the backend aspects of your website such as loading speed, architecture and security in order to address issues which prevent search engines from indexing its pages. Technical seo is vitally important as its foundation for on-page and link building SEO strategies as it forms their structure and authority – it must be performed successfully to be effective!

As there are a variety of technical SEO best practices that website owners can implement to boost their site’s ranking, they should do so immediately. Some examples are:

Optimizing website architecture is one of the key technical SEO tasks. A well-organized and clean structure enables crawlers to more quickly find pages while search engines easily identify topics presented within them – helping them determine which keywords to display in search results.

To optimize your website’s architecture, the first step should be creating a sitemap with all URLs of all pages. Next, using Screaming Frog you can detect broken links as well as measure key SEO metrics like core web vitals score and PageSpeed Insights.

Another essential technical SEO task is making sure your website is mobile-friendly. Google now employs a mobile-first index, prioritizing pages optimized specifically for mobile devices in search results. This is especially important if your site contains many pages optimized only for desktop computers but not for mobile use.

Implementing structured data markups is another essential technical SEO task. Structured Data Markup Helper makes creating and inserting structured data markups easy – use this tool today to add them into your site!

Technical SEO may seem complex at first glance, but there are plenty of online resources that can help simplify its basics. One great resource is our technical SEO guide by Mike King which offers an easy-to-understand overview of everything you need to know. In addition, MozBar provides quick insights into a range of technical SEO metrics. Once your site changes have been made to accommodate those metrics, don’t forget to submit them back to Google in order for indexing to begin! Good luck and we wish you the best of success!