How to Cheat a Slot Machine With a Cell Phone
How to Cheat a Slot Machine With a Cell Phone

How to Cheat a Slot Machine With a Cell Phone

how to cheat a slot machine with a cell phone

People have attempted to cheat slot machines for years. Unfortunately, most end up getting caught, as cheating is unethical and illegal – with severe repercussions for those caught cheating. There are ways you can increase your odds of winning without resorting to illegal activities; you could try employing mathematical strategies that increase the chance of hitting jackpots instead.

One of the earliest and most prominent casino cheating devices was known as a Bill Validator Device. This trick works well until casinos learned of it and installed new bill acceptors capable of detecting it.

Light wands are another common casino cheat, appearing as small metal pieces tied with string. Their purpose is to blind the optical sensor on slot machines from tracking how many coins have been inserted – thus leading them to “lose track” of how much has been deposited and potentially trigger payouts. One notorious cheat who used this strategy in Las Vegas casinos was Louis Colavecchio; who fraudulently gained hundreds of thousands before being arrested in 1998 but later freed.

Previously, magnets could be used to manipulate slot machines. Older slot machines used laser sensors to register coin insertion; magnetic fields could confuse this sensor and make it appear that coins had been inserted – then cheaters could pull a cord to recover their coin(s). Unfortunately, this technique no longer applies; modern slot machines utilize independent chips that determine each spin’s outcome instead.

Use of the top-bottom joint is another effective way of cheating a slot machine, consisting of two parts – a bent metal rod with attached copper wire – in combination with placing them through their respective coin slot(s). By making the machine think that coins were being fed directly into it, this trick convinced it that its coin hopper was full and thus forced it open its valves to release all stored coins from within it.

Some individuals attempted to manipulate slot machines by changing the internal computer chip with one they knew was rigged, often by hiring a programmer who had access to its EPROM source code source code source code source code source code source code source code source code source code source code source code EPROM source code source code EPROM programming source code programming person who would then reprogram the machine after certain sequence of coins had been inserted. Such casino cheating led to arrests over time; and continues to be illegal today in certain states.