How to Cheat on Poker Machines
How to Cheat on Poker Machines

How to Cheat on Poker Machines

how to cheat on poker machines

Poker machines may use high-tech software, but they’re still vulnerable to some basic forms of cheating. From monkey wire devices and coin on string scams to more illicit means of taking an edge – there are various schemes gamblers may try in an effort to gain an edge when gambling – however cheating is illegal and may lead to serious repercussions; therefore we wouldn’t advise trying any such nefarious methods!

Tommy Glenn Carmichael proclaimed himself the “Greatest Slots Cheat of All Time,” creating several different gadgets to help him cheat at slots machines more successfully. One such device, known as ‘Monkey Paw,’ allowed him to collect more winnings by inserting metal rods through air vents on slot machines; this caused them to pay out extra coins as usual and enabled Carmichael to easily collect winnings.

Ron Harris was another masterful casino cheat. Hired by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to analyze software in the early 1990s, instead he made changes that gave him an unfair edge against other players and used this secret code for over 10 years before finally being caught by law enforcement agencies.

An emerging method to cheat poker machines involves the use of hidden cameras and an accomplice. With this strategy, a gambler cuts a deck of cards while their sleeves contain hidden cameras which record each card’s value before relaying it via an earpiece to an accomplice nearby. This technique, known as hole card reading, can be employed with many games including blackjack and baccarat; however it crosses into cheating territory, thus prompting most casinos to increase security on this practice.

Some gamblers have turned to magnets as a tool to cheat at craps. Joseph noted this is more of an unusual than widespread strategy; though gamblers do attempt to control one die during games so as to achieve winning rolls more often than not. Although Joseph acknowledged this isn’t often employed, such attempts do occasionally occur and should be treated with suspicion.

Joseph mentioned another older casino trick known as past posting in roulette as an older technique used by gamblers. With this strategy, gamblers would distract the dealer before placing their chips on an expected winning number prior to dropping of the ball. Nowadays, however, this tactic is rarely employed due to casinos updating their systems and moving away from traditional methods of operation.