How to Win on Video Poker Machines
How to Win on Video Poker Machines

How to Win on Video Poker Machines

how to win on video poker machines

Video poker is a skill-based game that can be won with proper knowledge, strategy and abilities. It offers an alternative to slot machines which rely solely on chance for winning; with some luck and skill you can do well playing video poker machines! To maximize success at video poker machines it is crucial that players understand both its rules and pay tables; as well as any possible variants such as Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild available.

Video poker’s basic rules are straightforward. Each hand consists of five cards and the player must select which to keep based on their poker value and payout table posted on the machine – with higher poker value hands receiving greater returns in money terms.

Players need to understand how each type of hand pays and the odds associated with making that particular hand in order to make informed decisions. Pairs of jacks, queens, kings or aces tend to pay best, with two low pairs, straights and flushes being less profitable. Furthermore, it’s helpful to familiarize themselves with video poker strategy charts which provide handy ways of selecting what cards they should hold based on what the pay tables indicate as optimal holding strategies; such charts typically list those most favorable for holding at the top followed by those with decreasing values at the bottom.

Players looking for a video poker machine should select one with at least a 9/6 pay chart; this offers fair returns by providing full house pay on nine coins and flush pay on six coins, respectively. Risky play can cost the player much more money than expected.

Trips, full houses and quads account for much of a video poker machine’s payback. While these uncommon hands do occur from time to time, they provide great revenue for gamers. To increase the chance that these hand appear often enough, hold all high cards including unpaired ones; also avoid folding high cards hoping of landing a royal flush which will result in more losses than wins.

An excellent way to maximize your chances of winning at video poker machines is to understand its strategy and utilize a video poker strategy chart. These charts are invaluable tools in choosing which cards to hold or discard and showing optimal holdings per hand along with expected returns based on each machine’s pay table.

Video poker gives players an added advantage by revealing the house edge before beginning play – something which cannot be said for slots which do not provide players with any information regarding expected returns.