How to Make Fresh Herbal Tea
How to Make Fresh Herbal Tea

How to Make Fresh Herbal Tea

how to make fresh herbal tea

Tea is an intoxicating drink that’s easy to prepare, served hot or cold. You can create your own blend using fresh or dried herbs, spices, fruits and flowers from your garden; here’s how you can craft fragrant herbal tea in your own garden or kitchen!

Make herbal tea an enjoyable and rewarding activity by adding 1 teaspoon of herbs, spices or flowers per litre of boiling water and steeping for 5-10 minutes so the flavor and properties can fully develop. To do this, just follow these steps!

When selecting herbs for tea, it’s essential that they are fresh and healthy. Look for crisp and brittle leaves, no mold and organically grown whenever possible to reduce chemical exposure. After picking the perfect ingredients for your blend, lightly rinse or shake the herbs to remove dirt or insects, as this will also prevent bruised or crushed herbs from losing essential oils that contribute flavoring components of the drink.

If you’re creating a large batch of tea, be sure to label all of the jars you use for brewing. Many herbal blends look similar when finished brewing; without labeling jars you might get confused! Once you’ve tried out two-herb combinations, experiment with three and four herb combinations – soon you’ll discover their delicious flavors!

Homemade herbal tea is a relaxing and tasty beverage to create at home, easy to prepare, and tastes wonderful no matter if it’s consumed hot or cold. Customize it according to your tastes by including herbs, spices, fruit or flowers of your choosing or even black or green tea leaves! Add honey, stevia or other sweeteners as desired in order to adjust its sweetness level as desired.

Another method for creating tea is through sun-infused herbal tea concentrate. While this process requires slightly more steps than adding herbs directly into boiling water, the process itself remains straightforward and effortless. Simply combine your desired ingredients in a glass jar and set it outside in direct sunlight for several hours to a day – your sun-infused herbal tea concentrate is ready!

After steeping, strain and store the tea in the refrigerator to be enjoyed cold or over ice later. You will have produced a stronger than store-bought version, richer with beneficial plant compounds found in herbs. Enjoy it cold as a cold drink, soothe a headache or ease digestion–but drink within 24 hours so as to ensure maximum flavor and health benefits!