Is Herbal Tea Against the Word of Wisdom?
Is Herbal Tea Against the Word of Wisdom?

Is Herbal Tea Against the Word of Wisdom?

is herbal tea against the word of wisdom

Mormons follow a code of health known as the Word of Wisdom that prohibits coffee and tea consumption, yet some don’t realize the church also advises against herbal tea, hot chocolate and cola beverages – something many might find counterintuitive. This article will answer this question “is herbal tea against the Word of Wisdom”.

The Word of Wisdom, also known as Section 89 of The Doctrine and Covenants for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly referred to as Mormons), provides instruction for healthy eating and drinking habits as well as what substances to avoid. Joseph Smith received it in 1833 from Heavenly Father. This divine law of health provides instructions regarding which foods and drinks to consume while providing instructions for what substances to avoid.

Early Church leaders didn’t strictly follow the Word of Wisdom like we do now, recognising it was simply “divine advice”. Over time however, this doctrine gradually gained more importance until living it became a requirement to obtain temple recommends under President Heber J. Grant in 1920s. We must seek to understand its spirit and purpose rather than become too restrictive in our interpretations of it.

Some Latter-day Saints become too focused on the letter of the law that they miss its spirit and meaning. For example, some might ask why their church considers green tea against the Word of Wisdom but not black tea? One explanation could be that both come from Camellia sinensis plants which both produce tea products; only black tea undergoes fermentation while green does not.

Additionally, certain herbs such as chamomile have been linked with esophageal irritation and stomach ulcers in some people, while other herbal products have not been tested thoroughly for potential toxic chemicals. Finally, many flavored teas such as peppermint or hibiscus tea contain caffeine.

Church publications for members have recently clarified that beverages containing cafe, caffein, mocha, latte or espresso usually contain coffee and are against the Word of Wisdom. Furthermore, marijuana (even if legal for medicinal use in some states) should still be avoided due to being an addictive substance; as a general guideline it would be best not to consume habit-forming substances at all, except those prescribed by physicians; this will allow us to be less restrictive in our interpretations and more true to its spirit.