How to Improve SEO Without Hiring a Professional
How to Improve SEO Without Hiring a Professional

How to Improve SEO Without Hiring a Professional

how to improve seo

SEO requires consideration of many elements, as this process requires time, dedication, and knowledge of best practices. Although a small business could potentially do most of the work itself without professional assistance, this can often prove time consuming and ineffective at yielding results.

SEO can be dauntingly complex for small businesses, leaving them confused on where to begin. But there are several simple and effective strategies a small company can employ to boost their organic search engine rankings without paying an SEO professional for help.

Content is one of the cornerstones of SEO. In order to rank well, content must be relevant and authoritative – this means including relevant keywords in titles, meta descriptions and the body of articles while being as natural as possible when including them there. Internal linking also can help increase dwell time – another ranking factor!

Use multimedia elements, like videos, diagrams and audio players, on your website to keep readers on your pages longer and demonstrate authority. Furthermore, linking out to authoritative sources on the subject matter will boost your ranking.

Additionally, it’s also wise to ensure your website loads quickly by reducing code, optimizing images and employing caching techniques. A slow-loading website may cause users to abandon it, which in turn has negative repercussions for organic search engine rankings and organic user experience. By adopting simple SEO best practices you can significantly enhance both.

Finally, it’s essential that your website be regularly updated – either with new pages or by refreshing existing ones – in order to remain competitive and maximize search engine traffic. StoryChief can assist with identifying which pages require updating as well as how best to do it.

Remember, SEO is all about providing value to the end user. High-quality SEO content should provide answers that help searchers with their queries, leading them to your site more often and increasing conversions and sales. With so many variables in play when creating content for SEO purposes, it’s crucial that you consider all available best practices when writing it – remember our SEO Writing Assistant for Google Chrome which highlights any keywords out of place and suggest changes which could improve readability!