What is an SEO Company?
What is an SEO Company?

What is an SEO Company?

what is an seo company

An SEO company helps businesses optimize their websites to increase search engine visibility. Offering both on-page and off-page SEO services, they provide businesses with assistance in reaching their SEO goals. Aside from work done on your website directly, they also assist in the long term planning for ongoing improvements and traffic driving strategies – saving both time and money! Rather than hiring in-house teams to handle SEO needs themselves, hiring an agency will save time and money as it manages these daily tasks more efficiently than you could alone.

Before choosing an SEO firm to partner with, always review their case studies and client testimonials. Be sure that they have an established track record of success that meets client satisfaction – look for increased traffic, conversions and other metrics such as site authority/page views as indicators of growth in case studies. You could even ask potential agencies how they measure success/measure processes!

An SEO audit of your website is one of the first things an agency will do, to analyze competitors, learn from them, and then devise a tailored plan to beat them. They will assess weaknesses and strengths on your site as well as any information gaps or overloaded spaces that need filling. During their audit they may also conduct keyword research which allows them to look for search terms used by your target audience members to rank for them.

As part of your selection process for an SEO company, be sure to examine their link-building campaigns. Ask them how they build links and what their process entails – this way you can ensure they use only white hat methods such as not spamming forum comments or creating private blog networks.

Scheduling a discovery call is an excellent way to determine whether an SEO company is right for your company culture and communication style. A discovery call also gives you an opportunity to meet each agency and understand why they do what they do.

If you can’t make it to a discovery call, another way to assess an agency might be asking them for a proposal with pricing, timelines and deliverables outlined. Also be sure to inquire as to their experience helping other businesses meet their SEO goals.

Though selecting an SEO company can be complex, these tips should help narrow your options down and find the ideal partner for your business. A quality SEO provider will spend the time to understand your goals and your organization before doing everything they can to facilitate its expansion.